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Frequently Asked Questions – Integral Cards

Q. Can I position my integral card anywhere on the sheet?

 A. Yes, providing it is no closer than 12mm to any edge. 

Q. Am I limited to one size and shape of integral card?

 A. No, you can have any size or shape of integral card. The standard card size is 54mm x 86mm (54mm x 172mm if a Butterfly Card) which are created using our standing dies. If you want a different shape or size you may incur a once only tooling charge. 

Q. Can I have more than two integral cards on one sheet?

 A. Yes.

Q. I am using a mailmerge feature to print my cards using Word, but the length of the addresses in the letter cause the variable data on the card (i.e. member name, number and expiry date) to shift up or down. How can I prevent this from happening?

A. You need to place your variable data fields within a text box and lock its position. You do this by right clicking the grey text box border and selecting “Format Text Box” and from within the dialogue box selecting “Convert to frame”. Then again right click the grey box border and select “Format Frame” – you should now be able to “Lock and/or “Anchor” the frame.

Q. Can I print my integral cards using my ink jet printer?

A. Yes and No! The face laminate is LASER printable, so yes if you have them without a face laminate and NO if you have them with our laser guaranteed face laminate. (99.5% of our customers use our integral cards with a laser face laminate)

Q. Am I limited to having my cards on an A4 sheet?

A. No. Some of our customers take their integral cards in A5 format and some take them 2up on an A5 sheet with a centre micro perforation.

Q. I want to send out a card as part of a folded leaflet, is this possible?

A. Yes. There many options available – please call us to discuss your requirement. 

Q. I’d like to create a multi-purpose document that includes a card and two peel off self adhesive labels – can I do this? 

A. Yes. We are able to construct many different types of documents with built in features such as integral cards, parking permits and labels – please call us to discuss your requirement.


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