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Our Environmental Credentials

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.

All necessary inhouse action is in place to minimise our business impact on the environment and we constantly review our procedures in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

We work closely with our PEFC and other certified partners123 million hectares of forest have been certified to agreed standards worldwide, distributed in over 82 countries, setting international standards for responsible forest management.

PEFC – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes – is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation, founded in 1999 to promote sustainable managed forests through independent third party certification. It provides an assurance mechanism to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable managegement of forests.

Over 90% of our plates are generated using CTP systems thus eliminating film and the need for chemicals during that process.

We actively encourage the use of water based and vegetable based inks where possible. All of our papers are sourced from well managed forests.

We offer a range of products that support the Toptree Initiative. This ensures that for every piece of Toptree supported paper used, additional trees are planted in the UK by the Woodland Trust. Toptree plants twice as many trees as were used to make the paper in the first place.

Since its launch in 1997, in conjunction with the Woodland Trust, Toptree has planted over 60,000 trees around the UK. The Toptree Initiative enables organisations and individulas to contribute to the UK environment every time they use a piece of paper.

“You can actually go and see the trees growing”

We can offer you a range of recycled papers for your marketing, promotional and office stationery requirements. For more information please call us on 01202 474752 

Food for thought (Source

The paper industry sources more than 80% of its wood pulp from within Europe and the total area of European forest is now 30% larger than in 1950 and increasing by 1.5million football pitches each year

50% of all the paper used in Europe is made from recovered fibre

54% of the energy consumed by the European Industry originates from biomass

Paper amounts for over 50% of all the packaging material recovered for recycling – more than glass, metal and plastic combined

A Swedish study has revealed that reading a traditional newspaper consumes 20% less carbon than reading a newspaper online for 30 minutes. Anglian Water recently encouraged customers to use online billing as a means of “saving our forests”. This initiative was clearly a cost saving effort and whilst online billing can be easy to use, it depends on the running of a PC and there will be many who will print at home, at a higher overall cost per bill than a wider postal mailing. 60% of home PCs are now being left on all the time and over 50% of the UKs energy requirements are expected to be needed to drive laptops and PCs in the next 10 years. 2% of the UK”s current energy requirement is demanded by data centres today. Roughly the same as the airline industry. One e-mail, with a 400kb attachment, sent to 20 people, is equivalent to burning a 100w light bulb for 30 minutes!

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