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Cheques & Cheque Remittance Advices

Cheques & Cheque Remittance Advices are all available in a wide range of cost effective standard formats or can be specifically tailored to your exact system requirements. Ideal Forms has been a recognised supplier of cheques by APACS (Association for Payment and Clearing Services) since its inception in 1994, so you can be confident that your cheques are fully compliant with the very latest APACS regulations. In fact all our cheques have in-built features which go further than the basic APACS standard . . . .  

 Special Paper – discolours at the point of contact with acid, alkalis, bleaches or a wide range of solvents.

 Ultra Violet Reactive – Fluoresces when viewed under a UV light source. This is an excellent anti- photocopy measure, as it cannot be duplicated on either a colour photocopier or laser printer.

 Solvent Sensitivity – Security panel reacts and changes colour at the point of contact with a wide range of solvents. i.e. part of it is solvent soluble.

 Water Sensitivity – Security panel smudges at the point of contact with water. i.e. part of it is water- soluble.

 Anti-Counterfeit – The intricacy and combination of the patterns inherent within the security panel makes reproduction almost impossible without duplicating the actual production process involved.

 Erasure Sensitive – Security panel is pressure sensitive. If an attempt is made to erase details entered onto the security panel it smudges. 

Uverify Feature – A latent image within the security panel only becomes visible under a UV light source. This unique feature is a potent tool to guard against would-be counterfeiters by acting as a sophisticated verification system.

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